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With personal responsibility and knowing the sanctions provided by the provisions of paragraph 6 of article 22 of Law 1599/1986, I declare that: I take part in the race with absolute personal responsibility. That i have undergone all the necessary medical examinations and have done the necessary cardiological testing. In case of any physical injury or death, which may be caused during the race and during my transition from my departure, I fully assume the responsibility of my actions. I resign from any claim against the organizer, donors, volunteers, judges and all those directly involved in the event. I am giving my approve on the free use of my name and image by the organizer and by the sponsors of the race. In the case of a minor, he / she will be able to participate with a statement of the parent. All figures stated above are absolutely accurate and true.
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Benefits - Terms of Participation


1.Termination Medal


The top three in each category are awarded (Men - Women).


Digital Qualifying Diploma for all runners,easily to be printed.

4.Health Coverage

In any case, all competitors participate in their sole responsibility.

The organizers have no responsibility for what happens on HEALTH issues and is due to a lack of preventive medical check-ups.

In the race there will be medical coverage with an ambulance presence as well as primary care.

It is recommended that the participants have recently undergone medical examination. The organizers will not be asked for medical certificates, since all participants are racing at their own sole responsibility.

5.Water Supply Stations

There will be two bottling water supply stations along the 5th Lycabettus Run as described in the corresponding map of the route.


In the race there will be electronic timing with a start / stop checkpoint. The runners will carry the electronic (one-time) timing chip along with their number.

The electronic timing of "5th Lycabettus Run" has been taken over by the company - EUROPEAN SPORT EVENTS. Reliable timing with top systems.


Free photos of the race.

8.Technical T-Shirt *

Terms of participation

General terms:

The Lycabettus Run 5.5km & 11km can be attended by people over the age of 18 (born at least in 1999) who are eligible to participate in the race.

The Lycabettus Run Trail 4.5km & 9km can be attended by people over the age of 18 (born at least in 1999)who are able to participate in the race.

On Lycabettus Run Relay 11 km (Relay 2 x 5.5 km), people over the age of 18 (born at least in 1999)who are able to participate in the race can participate.

In the case of participants under the age of 18 (minors) in the Lycabettus Run races, they must have the parental consent of their guardian who will accompany them. Download here the Responsible Parent - Guardian Declaration, which you must send it electronically signed to info@lycabettusrun.gr or deliver it to the race secretariat upon receipt of the participation package. By submitting the Responsible Parent - Guardian Declaration, it is assumed that the parent's consent for participation in the race has been given.

Each runner participates in the event on his own free will.

Participants in the Lycabettus Run are fully aware of and have thought the dangers of their participation in the event, in terms of their possible adverse health effects.

Each runner participates in the event on his own responsibility and bears full responsibility for his participation concerning  his fitness and ability to participate.

The Organizing Committee of the Race does not bear any responsibility in the event of death, injury, damage or any other damage that may be suffered by any participant or viewer in the event , both during his or her arrival, duration or departure.

Lycabettus Run can only be joined by those who have made a valid and timely subscription.

Participating runners must have their entry number,which they have been given, in the front of their chest. In any other case they are likely to be excluded from the race.

All participants must respect and observe the rules of the race throughout its course as well as before and after.

The Lycabettus Run will take place on the day set  regardless of the weather. Only in the event of extraordinary circumstances is the organizing committee of the race entitled to decide to postpone the start or to cancel the race according to the prevailing circumstances. In such a case, the participation fee of the race is not returned to the registered runners.

The Organizing Committee of the event reserves the right to change the race schedule, the terms and regulations for participation and the race without prior notice.

Participants in the event consent to the use of their image during the race by the organizers, sponsors or other partners of the event for the purpose of this promotion, without any entitlement to full or partial compensation for this reason.

The decisions of the Organizing Committee of Lycabettus Run can not in any case be the subject of litigation.

Terms of Registration:

The Organizing Committee of Lycabettus Run has the right to suspend or close the entries without prior notice.

Signing up in one of the routes of Lycabettus Run is possible only through the online sign-up platform available on the website of the event.

 The Registration is valid only on condition that the payment of the participation fee has been made as determined on the day of registration and the relevant amount has been credited to the organizing account.

Registrations for which no full payment has been made within three (3) working days of the submission of the application form are canceled without prior notice.

Changes to confirmed registrations (runner replacement, race change) are not possible after the closing of the registration period for each race of the event separately or after a specific date announced by the Organizing Committee.

Once the registration is confirmed, no change can be made to the selected t-shirt size on the part of the runner.

Terms of Participation Number and Participation Package:

The Participation numbers and packages are received in person by the registered runners only from the (3) points:


  • Lobby St. George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel

  • Cosmos Sport |  Avenue Mesogeion 433, Agia Paraskevi

  • Cosmos Sport | Argyropoulou 4, Kifisia

  • Cosmos Sport |  Taxiarchon 57, Koridallos

  • Cosmos Sport |  Venizelou Eleutheriou 163B (Avenue Thiseos), Kallithea

  • Outrun | Marina Flisvos, Paleo Faliro

  • Top Cycles | Vas. Alexandrou 72, Peristeri

which they will choose when registering, the days and times are to be announced, identity card or other legal identification document (eg passport, driving license). The registered runner may authorize another person to receive the personal number and participation package either by authorization bearing a certificate of genuine signature or by simple authorization, under his own responsibility and only if his or her representative carries with him the identity or other legal identification document (eg passport, driving license) of the registered runner.

Replacement of runners and / or change of distance of the race, selected by the individual participant are not possible in any case upon receipt of the numbers and participation packages. Only the updating of the details of the already registered runner and the correction of his or her personal details can be organized in the organizing secretariat.

Entry numbers and / or participation packages are not sent in any way by post or in any other way to the beneficiaries.

Terms of Participation on the day of the race:

Participants must follow the instructions of the organizers, volunteers and staff of the event, including calls to leave the route and stop the race.

Any breach or non-compliance with the rules of the race will result in the participant being excluded from the race and  being eliminated from the results of the race without any compensation.

The participation number is personal and is not transferred or given to another runner under any circumstances.

Access to the race, the start and finish area is not allowed in any case to non-validly registered runners (people without a valid entry number).

The use of a bicycle or other means of transport is not allowed during the race on the route, either it is for a runner or other accompanying person. In such a case, the directly involved participant is excluded from the race and is called to leave the event immediately.

The completion limit for all Lycabettus Run runs is set at two (2) hours from the start of the race (10.00am). After the lapse of time, each runner will be running on his own responsibility. The organizers are not responsible for anything that occurs along the course of the race after the expiry of the aforementioned time limit.

Official time is the time that starts with the signal of the starter  in the starting point. Net time is the time that counts from the time each participant passes the boot carpet to its finish.

The ranking of the race results from the official ending times. Net time and intermediate times are only reported to update the runner.

lycabettus run 2019

After the success of the “4rd Lycabettus Run” which established the institution, this year we celebrate the 5th Anniversary Lycabettus Run which is expected to be even more successful and exciting since there will be even more surprising features.


Here you will find


Κλεομένους 2, Αθήνα