Lycabettus Hill is one of the most beautiful and distinctive landscapes of Athens.

It is a steep conical rock, 277 meters of height (it is the highest hill of Athens).

It is located North-East of Acropolis.

At the top of Lycabettus hill there is the church of Saint George (in the past the hill was named after that church), and located on the west side is the church of Saints Isidoroi, which is literally built inside the rock.The view from the hill is wonderful.

The visitor is able to enjoy a clear view of the city center as well as the Acropolis, and when the weather is good, without fog or smog, one can see all the way  to Piraeus and the Saronic Gulf.

Many visitors (Greeks and foreigners) ascend the hill daily to enjoy the view of the city and relax in this small oasis in the center of Athens.

Their number is remarkably increased during the summer when the outdoor theater is open.

All vehicles can use the asphalted peripheral roads that lead to the outdoor theater where they can park just outside the theater, while on the south side of the hill a funicular facilitates the access to the top.In the past there were no trees on the hill.

Its current conformation is the result of Ernst Ziller’s work, a German architect, painter, investigator and lover of antiquity, which began in 1865 and finished before the Olympic Games in 1896.

It is covered primarily by dense clusters of coniferous trees (characteristic of the German horticulture) such as pine trees, and shrubs such as oleander, rosemary and myrtle; however there are also some other kind of trees such as olive, eucalyptus, cypress and carob trees .

It is worth to mention that the hill is the home of various small animals such as bats, land turtles, owls, sparrows, blackbirds etc.


24 November 2017


Λυκαβηττός, Sportevent, Αγώνας Δρόμου

lycabettus run 2019

After the success of the “4rd Lycabettus Run” which established the institution, this year we celebrate the 5th Anniversary Lycabettus Run which is expected to be even more successful and exciting since there will be even more surprising features.


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